Posted January 16, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Full Replay Challenges Introduced In Major League Baseball [Video]

Baseball is going through a transformation into the 21st century.

Major League Baseball, the umpires union and the Major League Baseball Players Association have approved an overhaul on replay, allowing coaches to challenge calls.

Here are the details from NBC Sports.

Managers will have at least one challenge to use.  If any portion of a challenged play is overturned, then the manager who challenged the play will retain the ability to challenge one more play during the game.  No manager may challenge more than two plays in a game.  Once the manager has exhausted his ability to challenge plays during the game and after the beginning of the seventh inning, the Crew Chief may choose to invoke instant replay on any reviewable call.  Home run and other boundary calls will remain reviewable under the procedures in place last season.

A designated communication location near home plate will be established at all 30 MLB ballparks.  There, the Crew Chief and at least one other Major League Umpire will have access to a hard-wired headset connected to the Replay Command Center, which will remain at MLB Advanced Media headquarters in New York.  Major League Umpires will be staffed as Replay Officials at the Replay Command Center.  After viewing video feeds, the Replay Official will make the ultimate determination of whether to overturn the call, based on the continuing standard of whether there is clear and convincing evidence.

Do you think an NFL style replay system will work?

Below is an example of what replay is like in the NFL.