Posted January 15, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Towanda Braxton Hints A Few Dates With Kordell Stewart, Trina Confirms She’s A Trisexual [Video]

Recently The Braxtons stopped by the “Arensio” show and the sisters opened up about ‘dating’.

Word on the streets is that Towanda Braxton and retired NFL player Kordell Stewart have been dating, so Arsenio Hall made sure he got to the bottom of it. When Towanda was asked about the rumors, she admitted that they did in fact go on a few dates and says that he is nice guy.
In other news, Trina was asked about her relationship with her estranged husband Gabe. The reality star told Arsenio that if things did not work between the two, that she might start pitching for the other team. She confirms that she is a trisexual.

Check out the interview before: