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Event Recap: Jay Z Takes Over The Barclays Center For MCHG Tour [Photo]

It’s 9:30pm the the lights drop as the deafening screams of fans became the official soundtrack to Barclays for the moment. As a 6’2 silhouette rocking a Brooklyn fitted emerged from the stages tunnel the screams grew louder. Jay took to the stage of his old stomping grounds to embrace the moment in front of a sold out crowd before cutting threw the screams to open the show with “PSA”. The roc was officially in the building and the diamonds flew high as Brooklyn welcomed it’s practical son home.

Jay took the crowd through a quick discography preforming an array of hits like “Dead Presidents” and “Can I Live,” from his 1996 debut album Reasonable Doubt, to his “Blow the Whistle” remix and MCHG’s “Somewhereinamerica” and “Tom Ford”.

As the instrumental to “N****as In Paris” dropped Hov began to spit a few bars before stopping the track. He tells the crowd how usually around this point in the show he tells spectators to get out of their seats and turn up in the aisle at whatever arena he’s rocking at for the tour. But by the tours 5th show fire marshals threaten to fine him if he encouraged patrons to dance in the aisle again.

“Whats 50 grand to a mutha fucka like me?” Jay ask the crowd, but what made this night special as he continued to tell the crowd the story.”Is that they can’t fine me tonight! I own this building! Security stand down! Direct order!.” Hov proceeds to finish his watch the Throne track putting the Brooklyn crowd in a frenzy.

The Brooklyn native even hit the crowd with a few acapella verses as he waited from the jumbotron screens to resurrect themselves after crashing twice. That night Biggie’s “Spread love it’s the Brooklyn way” illuminated through our section. As fans joyously celebrated the event with full section rotation.

With a grand opening and grand closing, Hov finishes the night by paying homage to his band giving each a chance to shine on their own. Still spitting freestyles quietly to their respective solos. He then asks the crowd to light the building with their phones as he closes the show with “Forever Young” dedicating the track to the legacy of the late great Nelson Mandela.

As the “Forever Young” instrumental continues to play out in the background, Jay raises the lights to recognize and interact with fans through out the arena as form of appreciation. Before leaving the stage Jay left the crowed with this thought “The physical dies. Ideas are forever.”

Check out photo’s from the concert in the in the above gallery.

[Images New York Times]