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Bronx Teacher Sues Department Of Education Over Prostitute Scandal [Photo]

Someone is pretty upset about the punishment he recently faced regarding sex with a prostitute. NY Daily News reports; What happened in the Bronx should stay in the Bronx.

That, in a nutshell, is what a veteran grade school teacher caught having sex with a prostitute is arguing in a lawsuit against the city Education Department. Edgar Ortiz contends that he was fined $7,500 and punished unfairly because he was cavorting on his own time and his sextra-curricular activities “were completely unrelated to his teaching responsibilities and duties.”

“Teachers are not indentured servants subject to school direction and control 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Ortiz argued in disciplinary hearing records. “Teachers must have a zone in which they may exercise their own prerogatives and activities. This may include some activities which are generally regarded as admirable and some which may not be perceived as admirable.”

School officials, however, say Ortiz “is not worthy of his position as a teacher in the New York Public Schools based on his admitted commission of lewd acts.”

Ortiz should have notified the Education Department of his arrest but failed to do so, officials added. And they scoffed at Ortiz’s claim that he couldn’t because he was arrested on a Sunday. “He could have emailed or called in to leave a message on Sunday, or immediately informed school administration when he arrived at school on Monday morning, which he failed to do,” the report states.

The 65-year-old teacher has already won round one of what’s likely to be a protracted legal battle.

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Source: NY Daily News