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Babysitter Admits To The Torture & Burning Of 4 Yr Old Myls Dobson

What kind of human being does this??! And to an innocent child! It is with the heaviest heart we report such a story…

He spent his last days in a living hell, being burned with an oven grill, beaten with a belt buckle on his genitals, tied and gagged to a chair with shoelaces and tossed around like a rag doll by the 230-pound woman who was supposed to caring for him, according to police sources.

Kryzie King, 28, admitted to cops that she tortured and abused Myls Dobson, the 4-year-old son of her new boyfriend, police sources said.

Just before he died Wednesday, the 5-foot, 10-inch, 230-pound King got in a terrible fight with the 4-year-old child in the bathroom, where he slipped and hit his head in the shower, law enforcement sources said.

Myls, after nearly two weeks of abuse, had stopped eating, and King was going to bring him to the hospital, she allegedly told cops. The little boy ran into the bathroom, and that’s when Myls’ valiant final struggle began, police said.

“He began fighting with her. As they were struggling, he slipped and hit his head on the bathroom floor. He goes into the shower. Then she left and came back. They had another struggle, and he hit his head on the tub. She got him out of the tub. Then she left the room. She hears a thud. She goes back inside, and that’s when he was slumped over,” a law enforcement source said, detailing King’s account.

King called paramedics to her Hell’s Kitchen apartment at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, but it was too late for Myls. He died later at a Midtown hospital, and city officials are still trying to determine the exact cause.

It was the end of nearly two weeks of torture that began shortly after his father, Okee Wade, 37, took Myls to King around Dec. 18 and asked her to take care of his son for a few days. 

Wade asked his girlfriend of two months to watch the boy for a few days while he went to work, she told cops, according to sources. For the first week, the two got along, and Myls was eating and was healthy.

But King grew frustrated when Wade didn’t return — apparently unaware he’d been nabbed Dec. 19 and thrown in New Jersey jail for his role in a massive bank fraud scheme.

As the days passed, Myls grew restive, and King’s patience rapidly frayed.

“She said he became more defiant. He started to refuse to eat or drink and would spit his food out. She was force-feeding him, and he would spit his food out,” the law enforcement source said. The put-upon girlfriend told cops the “two weeks felt like a month.”

In Wade’s absence, King grew angry that she would have to put off her own planned vacation, a trip back to her native Jamaica.

Little Myls, a few months shy of his fifth birthday, was an easy target for her rage.

“It started with smacks to the face, of flicking his face with her finger,” the source said. “She became angered with him because at one point he kicked her while she was holding him. In order to punish him for kicking her, she took the grill off the oven. She held it with oven mitts and burned him with it.”

The day he died, King was preparing to bring him to the hospital because he had stopped eating and she could no longer force-feed him, the source said. That’s when the two got locked in the deadly fight in King’s bathroom, which ended when the tiny child died a few hours later.

King is still waiting to be arraigned Friday as Myls’ father was put on suicide watch in jail, according to relatives.

Our sincerest condolences goes out to the family of Myles Dobson & everyone affected by it. Could you imagine this happening to a child in your life? Sick! Let’s keep our children safe.

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Source: NY Daily News