Posted January 8, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Gabrielle Union Talks Engagement On “Live With Kelly & Michael” [Video]


Gabrielle Union recently stopped by the Live With Kelly & Michael Show to talk about the premiere of Being Mary Jane. During their discussion about the show, the beautiful actor was asked about her engagement and how did Miami Heat player  Dwyane Wade popped the question.

She shared that the proposal involved Wade’s son and nephews:

 “You know what? I was completely surprised. Him and the boys planned it completely as a family, and we were just going to spend the day together, have a little quality time. We went to brunch. I’m clueless. D’s like, ‘You wanna put on any makeup or hair…?’ I was like, ‘No!’ My nails weren’t done–we were literally going from there to our house, which is under construction, so I’m dressed to go to a construction site. We do a little tour of the house, me and D are upstairs, the boys are downstairs. The boys say, ‘We want to do a presentation for you!’ So I thought they were going to do a skit or a song or something. So me and D turn around and they’re like, ‘Okay, now!’ And we turn back around, and they’re holding signs that say, ‘Nique, will you marry us?’ I was like ‘awwwww.’ But the thing is, they ask me all the time so I was like, Well, this is embarrassing, now they’ve made signs [laughs]. So I turned to D to say, ‘Here we go,’ and he’s down on one knee…and he’s like, ‘Will you marry us?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re serious!’ He said, ‘Of course, of course.’ The kids couldn’t hear me, they’re thinking I’m saying no. And they’re like [makes confused face], and so I’m like, ‘Yes, YES’ and they tear up the stairs.”