Posted January 8, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Drunk Chick In Miami Karoake Bar Gets Photo Bombed By Beyonce [Photo]

Owner of South Beach Karoake Bar, Sing Sing, told Miami Times that Beyonce and Jay Z pulled up to the Karaoke club in three black SUV’s late last night with group that including Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Timbaland. Only two of the seventeen Karoake rooms were occupied so the group proceeded to reserved their own Karaoke room. Now the surprise that befalled three unsuspecting fans after would make just about any stan jealous.

Necole Bitchie reports:

“A big security-looking guy walked in and asked us what time we closed. I’m thinking he’s going to come in with maybe a couple of other people and then all of a sudden a couple of people wearing hoodies do start trickling in and one woman comes up and asks me where the bathroom is and I look up and it’s freaking Beyonce.”

“There’s no way we could have planned it. No one had any idea. Beyonce follows the sounds, she just walks right in, and there are two girls sitting and one of their friends had fallen asleep on the lounge chair…I’m standing there watching this whole thing and the other people in their party started walking in and cracking up because they were singing Beyonce.”

What’s funny is that the girls didn’t immediately pick up that it was Beyonce and Kelly who walked into their room:

“They start dancing together, but they have no idea who it is. And all of a sudden one of the girls looks at Kelly and says, ‘Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland’ and then she looks at Beyonce and goes ‘Oh my god!’”

Beyonce even took pictures with the poor girl that was passed out on the couch, complete with a Kelly Rowland photo bomb. Talk about “OMG WTF[screams]” moment to wake up to after a night of drinking. Check out the photos in the gallery above.