Posted January 7, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Stop Lying!! Kandi Burruss SLAMS Ex-Boyfriend Retired NFL’er Chuck Smith

Earlier on this week,  Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss stopped by V-103’s  Big Tigger Show to set the record straight on her relationship with ex-Atlanta Falcons player and her castmate’s Mynique Smith’s husband, Chuck Smith.

Now if you watched RHOA, when the girls took a trip to Savannah, Mynique confronted Phaedra and Kandi on their past relationship with her husband Chuck. After being questioned the ladies confirmed that they did in fact ‘dated’ Chuck.

Well on Sunday night’s episode, Chuck confronted Phaedra and told viewers that he and Kandi was never serious and strictly a “friends with benefits” relations. Kandi is slamming Chuck with major low blows claiming that his “man package” is allegedly small. One of her fans @JennAtItAgain tweeted her:

“Chuck 1 of those dudes LIL D**KS that call they self big homie @Kandi”

Kandi retweeted the post and commented:

“Girl How did u know? Were u on ‘the team’ 2?”

Check out the highlights below:

What her relationship really was with Chuck: 
Well first of all let me be very clear. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between  kicking it and being friends with benefits. I’m very grown, I know what that is  and I know what a relationship is. And we definitely in what you call a quote  unquote relationship. He introduced me as his girlfriend, I had keys to his  crib, he was hanging out with my mom and I was hanging with his family. It  wasn’t no fly by night so you can imagine how I felt there watching that I was  like….’Really?!’
Why she opted not to respond on social media  initially: 

On one side you really wanna go in and the other side is like, ‘Ok, well I’m  engaged now’. I’m happy in my relationship. He’s been married. I don’t even  understand why him and his wife are  talking about me. For the life of me,  I can’t understand because a couple of weeks ago his wife approached me in front  of all the girls at that, to say, Chuck told her that he had kicked with me for  two weeks or something like that. So when she said that to me it was like, ‘Uh,  that was 15 years ago so its not relevant anymore’.

If she still feels like they were actually in a  relationship: 
Oooh you said in your opinion. Ok, so tell me this. You being a man, you  gave a girl a key to your crib, she comes and goes and stuff is there at your  house…Okay so hearing him talk about, “he was taking advantage of a young girl”,  I  was like, ‘Wow he really went out of his way to take advantage (hanging  out with the family)’ that was deep. So anyway, I don’t really care. I have  moved on but I would appreciate it if he would stop making everybody else feel  like I was dating all these different people when I was dating him, then on the  other hand felt the need to make me feel special and then after that he felt the  need to hang out with my family. Like I’m confused, get your story together.  Stop lying.

Watch the interview below: