Posted January 7, 2014 by BlueMagic in TECHNOLOGY

New Gadget for Instagram Models [Photo]

You think that Instagram Models are OD now? Wait till this new Polaroid camera hit the stores. That’s right, Polaroid is stepping into the digital world with “Socialmatic”Camera. Like the old school Polaroid camera’s, it will print right there after you take the picture but now with this camera you’ll be able to post directly onto social media’s. It will have a built in Wifi so you can post right after you take a picture. For any chance your not near Wifi, it will also be equipped with Bluetooth so you can send to your phone then post to the Social Media world. There is no word on if video will be added but I don’t think so. Brace yourself for Instragram Models to be at an all time high. The price will range from $129-$179.

*Check out the camera in the Gallery*