Posted January 6, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Trade Talks Between Lakers & Cavaliers Reportedly Advance [Update]

January 2: It looks like trade discussions between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers have hit a snag.

The two teams were discussing a trade that would send the suspended Andrew Bynum to his former team for Pau Gasol who has ruffled some feathers in the organization.

According to ESPN,

The deal is not dead, but it is no longer progressing. The Cavs, who have until Jan. 7 to trade Bynum before his contract becomes guaranteed and loses its instant value in a trade, are now actively seeking other options.

The major issue, sources said, involves the Lakers’ desire to get an additional asset from the Cavs beyond Bynum’s team-friendly contract, which could save the Lakers more than $20 million in salary and luxury taxes. The Lakers are interested in also getting a young prospect or first-round draft pick as part of the deal. The Cavs have been reluctant to part with either.

Update: It looks as though talks are beginning to move between the Lakers and Cavaliers. A third team may be involved in the talks according to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio.

Bynum’s contract is non guaranteed for the second half of the season.