Posted January 3, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Media

Flashback Friday: Beyoncé Throws Shade At Kelly [Full Interview] [Video]

“No, No, No (Part II)” was souring up the charts, and they had just scored a gig opening up for Boyz II Men.

Yet, not everything was great for the group at the time.

Right in the beginning of the interview, Kelly Rowland was introducing herself when she awkwardly decides to call herself the “second lead vocalist of the group.”

Beyoncé didn’t seem to like that answer so much as she rolled her eyes, and made a scene shortly after the comment, and now years later it’s all over Vine and Instagram. LaTavia and LaToya, well they just gave their “mmhmm” look.

The interview goes through the early days of the group, how they got there, their personalities, and what life was like on tour. I wonder how “Rea” LaTavia got after the cameras were off.

Check out the interview below. The shade starts here.