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RHOA’s NeNe Says Phaedra Had Better Pray Her Sons ‘Don’t Do Six Years In Prison’ Like Their Dad

During Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, we are sure most of you watched Cynthia burst into tears because of NeNe’s harsh comments on her parenting skills. Number one rule is that children are off limits when it came to arguments. Some certainly did not get that memo!

Phaedra mentions NeNe’s son Bryson’s past run-in with the law. The comment was made after NeNe spoke harshly on Cynthia’s decision to allow her daughter, Noelle, to date at the age thirteen.

NeNe recently took to her blog to lash out on Phaedra!

“As Phaedra said, ‘I have had problems with my son,’ NeNe wrote. Now, now Phaedra, you are entitled to your opinion but the facts remain, you don’t know anything about my children. Have you ever met Bryson? If so, it couldn’t have been but once. Remember you have two young boys to raise! Let’s pray they don’t do six years in prison! You know the apple don’t fall far from the tree!”

She went on to defend her parenting skills:

“How did this get to my son anyway? Let’s rewind the tape to first season. If you remember, we were taking our son to college. He was 18 years old from the moment I stepped onto this show. Today he is 24 years old. So from the moment you’ve seen him, he was technically an adult. When he had his daughter, he was 22 years old, a young adult but nonetheless an adult, NOT a child. Yes my son experienced some growing pains, which most do. He’s doing just fine today and thank you for asking! I am not sure how my son became a part of this because we were all talking about teenagers and we all know what was said at the table. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. We all do the best we can and we do what works in our personal households.”

When Cynthia said that she’d rather allow her teenage daughter to date than to be dealing with grandchildren…. NeNe perceived it as shade.

“Cynthia also said she would rather be picking up Arthur than picking up a grand baby! Were you trying to throw shade Cynthia? Well it didn’t work because I would rather my 13 year old pick up a book than the telephone to plan their next date! Ladies, next time know the difference between an opinion and judging! I wasn’t judging because I am not a perfect parent but I do my very best when it comes to my boys. I was just thinking about that outburst of a cry. It sure did come out of nowhere! Maybe Cynthia was dealing with something else!”

Lawd the drama will never end between these ladies!!


Source: MadameNoire