Posted December 28, 2013 by Global Vito in Global

New Artist Spot Light: Asia Sparks No Chaser


Check out New artist Asia Sparks, S/o to My Heavy Hitter brother DJ Damage for putting me on to her. I really don’t have to say much about this new artist, I will let her music/lyrics speak for it self. Make sure to Follow her @SparklegirlA Going Global Stamp

Blessed with raw talent, substance, and style, Asia Sparks is the definition of what a female emcee should be. Born in Philadelphia, Asia lived in various cities growing up before finally settling in South Jersey. In her youth, Asia wrote down her thoughts and experiences in a journal, later transforming her writings into music. Always having dreams of being a star, it wasn’t until 2011, after participating in a rap cypher, that Asia Sparks knew it was time to show the world just how talented she truly is. Now she expresses her creative energy and dynamic flow as an equally talented rapper and vocalist.

Asia Sparks’ unique ability to mix street-smart attitude, hip-hop swagger, sex appeal, and raw lyrics, has resulted in an entirely fresh sound of her own. Through her music, Asia offers a candid glimpse of her life and perspectives as a woman: Read More…