Posted December 26, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

SAY WHAT?! Beyoncé Nor Michelle Williams Invited To Kelly Rowland’s Wedding

The beautiful Kelly Rowland recently announced her engagement with her manager/fiancée Tim Witherspoon.

It appears that the twosome wants to celebrate that special day in private. She shared with People”

I think we just really want it to be us and our pastor. That’s it. I mean, we are the only two that’s going to be in the marriage.

So it looks like her Destiny’s Child sister Beyoncé nor Michelle Williams will be present, not to mention her immediate family. She continued with a laugh.

You have to pay for food for everyone and I’m not down with that. Everyone is there just to be nosy and see who I’m wearing, you know. I’m okay.

After speculation, she confirmed the news on the Queen Latifah Show, smiling:

He put a ring on it.

He asked me first on Skype and I was like, ‘We’re so far away from each other.’

She continued:

But it was so late, I remember we were both just kinda like, honestly, just staring at each other. And he asked me, and it was just that simple to say yes. I was like, ‘I got my best friend to ride through life with.’ He really is my best friend.

SWEET!! We are so happy for these two!