Posted December 24, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Drake Makes Out With Zoë Kravitz At Beyoncé’s Concert [Photo]

Looks like things are getting steamy between Drake and Zoë Kravitz.

After the singer flew her and her bestie to Philly on a private jet to check out the last ‘Would You Like A Tour’ show, Drake was spotted in VIP at Beyonce’s concert tonguing her down.

According to fans, the couple-some were making out the entire time. One fan said:

“I asked for a pic when he came up for air lol!

I was like, who he done picked up off the street. I didn’t know about the rumors of who he was dating or anything but it was like she thought someone was gonna steal him or something. I was the first person to ask for a pic, then after I talked to him and took the pic, she grabbed him and kissed him. I was like…um okay!”

Hey at least he was nice enough to pic his making out session on pause to take a pics with his fans. LOL!


*Check out Drake and Zoe making out in the Gallery*

Photo Credit: NecoleBitchie