Posted December 23, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

LeBron James Complains About Special Christmas Jerseys

LeBron James may be the face of the NBA, but that’s not stopping him from commenting on the NBA’s new Christmas jerseys.

According to James, the team and some of its players are worried that the t-shirt styled jerseys will bother some of its shooters.

Joe Goodman of the Miami Herald reports LeBron’s concern.

The NBA has created new styled jerseys for the Christmas season. One’s that look more pajamas‘s and sleepwear than a professional sports uniform, but different nonetheless.

According to NBC Sports, ADIDAS has worked with the players to create the most comfortable uniform possible.

To be fair, from what I understand the folks at adidas have been more than accommodating during this process — not only providing samples for players to practice in, but also providing custom fitted jerseys for players concerned about how the fit may affect their shot.

Find out if the jerseys affect their shot as the Miami Heat face the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day.

Take a look at the jerseys in the gallery.