Posted December 20, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Broner vs. Maidana: The Aftermath Uncovered [Video]

In the aftermath of Adrien Broner’s loss to Marcos Maidana people have gone after the fighter after showing a large amount of arrogance and cockiness to the fans, and being anointed the next Floyd Mayweather JR.

In the week after the fight we have seen many opinions, tons of memes, and even some allegations of cheating. Although the Mayweather camp had been keeping positive about the fight.

Well, the back and forth began when Mayweather’s uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather had something to say about Broner, telling HustleBoss.com EXACTLY what he felt, while saying something we’ve all asked, who has he fought?

Of course Broner’s trainer Mike Stafford couldn’t keep quiet as he responded to what Mayweather’s uncle had to say. Remember they are both members of The Money Team.

“If Adrien was just a regular fighter, Floyd or Roger wouldn’t even say the things that they saying about him. It more or less seems like they jealous of the relationship of Adrien and Floyd. All of a sudden now, I don’t know if it was Chris writing that; I thought Chris, you know, was trying to be a friend. I let him into camp with us and everything and talk to Adrien and everything. Now he’s turning against us and saying different stuff. Adrien is a 3-time world champion, you know. What do you mean? I don’t see nobody in Floyd and dem’s camp that’s a 3-time world champion other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. We got a relationship together with Al Haymon and Golden Boy. I don’t see why they saying, “Adrien needs to do this. Adrien needs to do that.”

He went on to discuss cheating allegations on Maidana which launched an investigation into the fight which showed the new champion’s corner seemingly put something into his mouth which was wrapped in cloth.

Maidana’s strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza explained the allegations to FightHype.com saying,
“Look, they’re just dental cotton rolls. They’re not as clumsy as gauze pads. When I say clumsy, I mean when you pull them out, they don’t unravel. They stay tight. Plus, when there are cuts inside the mouth, you don’t want to use adrenaline or anything like that because those are topical solutions; if [Maidana] swallows it, he’ll get a stomach ache or worse.”
During this whole back and forth, Broner has been somewhat quiet but gave an apology and is looking forward to a rematch with Maidana. His assault charge against a man accusing him of punching him in the face dismissed due to the “victim” not showing up to court.

“This is the face of a 3x world champion in 3 different weight divisions. I am a man and first of all I want to say I’m sorry for running out on all the fans after my fight. That was wrong of me as a fighter. I want to congratulate team CHINO and I want to thank everybody that supported the fight. But I am not done. This is just a minor set back for a major come back #RematchTIME #TrueFIGHTER.

Mayweather also hasn’t said too much other than giving some good words about the fighter shortly after the fight. He defended his words, and spoke against what his uncle said in a recent interview with FightHype.
“I think Broner showed that he has a lot of heart and he’s a real fighter. That’s one thing that we cannot take away from Broner. I just feel like Maidana was the better man. I think he outhustled Adrien Broner.”
“As far as my dad and my Uncle Roger, I love my dad, I love my Uncle Roger, but they need to be more positive. They really need to be more positive. If Adrien Broner lost, okay, he lost. It comes with the territory. You win some, you lose some. At the end of the day, he walked home with a seven-figure check. He don’t have to ask nobody for nothing. Adrien Broner’s trainer [Mike Stafford] is a helluva trainer. If my dad or Roger is not training a fighter, I don’t feel like it’s right to talk negative about a trainer if they’re not training the fighter,”

Results are still pending on the investigation of the cheating allegations against Maidana.