Posted December 19, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

LeBron James & Mario Chalmers Nearly Come To Blows During Game [Video]

We all know that Mario Chalmers is like the little brother on the Miami Heat.

Things nearly got too heated though after LeBron James got into his face on the Heat bench during last night’s game, nearly coming to blows as Chalmers had a tough night.

After letting George hit a three point shot, and throwing an errand pass to LeBron James Head Coach Erik Spoelstra called for a timeout.

That’s when you see you see James kind of mumbling under his breath, when Chalmers (probably not intelligently), says something to LeBron. Next thing you know players had to hold the two back from things getting even crazier.

LeBron apologized shortly after like a true leader, getting Chalmers attention and saying “I was wrong, my bad.”

At the end of the day the Miami Heat came back to win the game 97-94.

Then the love fest between the two REALLY began.

Check out the video below.