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Find Out The Original Ending To Beyonce’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ Track [Photo]

In the self installment of her ‘Self Titled Documentary” Beyonce explains to s that her fifth studio album was partly inspired by “finding the beauty in imperfection”. The visual to the albums opening track, Pretty Hurts, Beyonce portrays a beauty pageant contestant who does everything in her power to personify perfection to win the crown yet still fails to achieve this goal.

The video’s Director, Melina Matsoukas, recently set down with MTV to explain not only their vision behind the video but also it’s original ending.

Well I think we definitely wanted to speak to as many women as we could and all the pain and struggle that we go through as women to maintain this impossible standard of beauty. We wanted to give it a darker edge and take it there and not give you the Disney version of that struggle. And Beyoncé was more than willing to go that far with it. And I applaud her for that.

(on plastic surgeon scene) What’s also interesting about that scene, which you don’t really see, is that she’s wearing a white straight jacket. So I thought that was interesting, like being confined by society standards.

He (Harvey Keitel who plays the pageant’s host) didn’t take it lightly; it was definitely a part of his method. And we talked about some of his experiences growing up in New York and I think maybe he dated a pageant girl before, so I think maybe it hit home a little bit. He really brought it to life.

[Originally,] I had her win and I had it mean nothing, and then she didn’t want to win. And then, actually, the woman who wins is an albino woman. And we thought it was really important and interesting to break those ideas of what the classic beauty standards would be and to do this with this beautiful albino woman, I thought was really great. And to show ‘Yeah she’s not perfect, she doesn’t always win and you put your best foot forward and you may still lose.’

To have this black woman make this mark in the industry and to show it in this way and to create this album that’s just gorgeous [it shows] she’s not one-sided. She’s a multifaceted artist. She is all of these things. She is a mother and then she is sexy and then she is a victim and then she’s strong and she’s powerful and she’s a feminist and she’s a sex bomb. And showing as a woman, and not even a woman but as an artist and as a person, that was really important for her to show [that on this album] and she’s really made her mark.

Yes Bey and Melina fight the idea of classic beauty standards.

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