Posted December 18, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

MMA To Hold First Male vs. Female Fight In Brazil [Photo]

No guys this isn’t Mortal Kombat. It’s reality.

Shooto Brazil MMA is making a lot of domestic abusers dreams as it has book a fight with a man against a woman in a mixed-gender match.

Yes. This is legal.

Emerson Falcao will face off against Juliana Velasquez at Shooto 45.

As of right now there are no special rules to the fight, so it looks like anything goes. That means he can punch, kick, put her in any kind of submission move he needs to to win the fight on Saturday.

It only gets more interesting as this will also be Velasquez’s first MMA fight in her career.

I can’t imagine Falcao wins an any situation. If he wins he beat a girl. If he loses… he lost to a girl. Must be some good money on the line.