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Why New York Is The Sneaker Capital Of The World!


All our sneaker heads out there will love this! Complex posted an interesting yet controversial article written by their ‘sneaker editor’ @RussBengtson, check out an excerpt from the article below:


“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” —Frank Sinatra

“Nothing’s equivalent to the New York state of mind” —NaS

Before we even get into this, it’s worth noting that New York tends to have something of a superiority complex. And the sum is even greater than its stunningly arrogant parts: Compared to New York as a whole, Donald Trump is a model of modesty and decorum. But that’s not to say said superiority is always misplaced. (Have you ever seen a shirt that read “IOWA FUCKING CITY”? Didn’t think so.) So asking whether New York City is the sneaker capital of the United States, the world, the entire known universe? That’s like asking if water is wet, if the sky is blue, if Beyoncé sold a lot of records. 


New York is the epicenter of the sneaker world. To say anything else is to be in denial.


Goddamn right it is.


The Article then goes on to address other cities such as Boston, that is affiliated with the term ‘sneaker capital’; “All respect due to Boston, the older brother up North, but capital? For serious? Someone’s been putting something in that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. We’re really happy for you and we’re gonna let you finish, but New York City is the best sneaker city of all time. Of all time! Please pass the Hennessy.


Hmm, sounds pretty interesting huh?! What are your thoughts on this? & to check out the FULL STORY, click here.


Source: Complex