Posted December 17, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Super Head Lands New TV Show ‘Confessions Of A Video Vixen’

Super Head

Hustle Hard!

Karrine ‘Super Head’ Steffans is bringing her book ‘Confessions Of A Video Vixen’ to TV. Hey.. we have to give it home girl she is one of the biggest hustlers who began as a video vixen. In addition, The Vixen Diaries and How To Make Love To A Martian is one of her popular books.

Karrine has recently posted the above photo with the caption:

“Working hard to bring you the television version of Confessions of a Video Vixen. Meeting with the President and attorneys, getting closer to production. Do the work. No one can deny the work”

In a interview with theJasmineBrand, she mentions that transitioning to TV has been in the works for a while now:

“The president of the studio wanted me to write a show. We’ve been friends for 11-12 years now. I’m consistently turning down the president of a major studio. I don’t want to write a show because I feared that, it’s something I’ve never done. Finally, he showed me how to write a show and we started. He optioned the Vixen Manual then I wrote the script for that pilot which I just got finished after 2 years. I went through 10-12 drafts. Everyone in the studio has to agree and like everything. It took two years and ten versions before it was ready to go out. We’re deciding on the network currently for the Vixen Manual Show and I’m [going to] keep the title to myself, for now. I recently signed another development deal with FOX for Confessions and now has to be optioned for one hour long. My executive director can not be exposed quite yet, due to contract purposes but I’m super happy to have her. I have two development deals and two television shows underway. It will hit the screen but I don’t know when, television takes forever. I couldn’t work with any other writer but chances are Vixen Manual will probably come sooner because the script is complete. After development then production and we will still have to go in for pick-ups. I have no way of knowing when it will hit the screen.”

Interesting! Will you be watching?? Comment below!