Posted December 17, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Peter Gunz Tells Baby Mama Tara To Move On And Find A Better Man


Who knew that Love and Hip Hop New York star Peter Gunz would bypass Stevie J and his shenanigans! Juicy Mag recently caught up with the two-timing rapper turned reality star and the drama with his love triangle. He was even asked which one of the ladies would he like to received wrapped up for Christmas.

Peep the interview below:

Juicy: Did you spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Tara and your kids or your new wife, Amina? Peter Gunz: I spent a little time with both of them, believe it or not. I spent time with Amina, we had dinner and I had dinner with Tara and the kids at my sister’s house.

Juicy: Will there ever be a time when you can have holiday dinner all together? PG: I think this Thanksgiving with Tara and the kids may be the last of me and Tara together. We’re moving on.

Juicy: Tara received backlash after becoming intimate with you after she knew you were married. How do you feel about that? PG: She’s human, she has two babies from me and she loves me. This is something that happened suddenly. It’s not something that she knew about a long time. Me and Tara are like breathing or drinking water, it’s natural… it’s humanly impossible to shut it down. I want her to move on and find somebody better and she will. People shouldn’t shoot her down, she’s just guilty of being in love with a liar.

Juicy: If you could have Amina or Tara wrapped up in a present for Christmas, who would you pick? PG: I would put Tara as the star on the tree and Amina as the tree. Nah I’m just playing I can’t answer that question that could go either way for me. I wouldn’t be disappointed with either one.