Posted December 17, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Into Screaming With Paparazzi: ‘Shut the F—k Up!’ [Video]



Kourtney Kardashian was spotted shopping with her one-year-old daughter Penelope and her sister Kim. This week tempers flared with the paparazzi took it to far while being with her daughter. It’s one thing to be photographed alone, but when children are involved all that shoving and pushing could be very dangerous.

On the sidewalk while she was swarmed by a number of photogs, the 34 year-old warned one photographer:

“Don’t ever talk to me when I’m with my kids.”

Then she yelled:

“Move so we can walk… Get out of the way. Get out of the way!”

After being further prodded, she told the photographer:

‘Shut The Fuck Up!!’

Watch the clip below:


Source: theJasmineBrand