Posted December 17, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

K. Michelle Says Folks Are NOSY That’s Why Reality TV Continues To Thrive

K Michelle
So many complain about reality TV, yet we can’t seem to get enough!

Well Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle sat with theGrio recently to discuss the reign of reality TV. The singer V.S.O.P singer revealed that as long as folks continue to be nosy, reality shows will continue to be here.

“As long as people are nosy I think reality TV will be OK. The mistakes that a lot of reality shows are doing. It’s not reality. As long as they can try to function and focus on reality I think it will be around for a while.”

K. Michelle also shared that she is toning down her erratic behavior to protect her brand.

“I don’t think it’s an all the way new [K. Michelle]. I just don’t put myself in a lot of situations when I need to react. I’m just enjoying being on the road, doing what I love and just, being away from a lot of conflict that I used to be in,” said the reality star.

“A lot of things that happened to me made me angry, made me pop off and I be ready to knock somebody out but now I am trying to avoid situations with a lot of conflict and just trying to work through it.”

Watch video below:

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