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Blind Man Falls On Tracks At Harlem Train Station But Miraculously Was Not Harmed [Photo]

imageprocessor (3)A blind man reportedly fell on the tracks at 125th St. Tuesday morning but was not hit by a train.

A blind man and his guide dog fell in front of an arriving subway train in Harlem Tuesday — and miraculously survived.

The braking A-train rolled over the man and his pooch at the 125th St. station but somehow didn’t cause serious injuries, authorities said.

“I heard him say, ‘Oh no!’ and I saw him fall into the train tracks with his dog,” witness Danya Gutierrez, 19, said. “Everyone was screaming and running around to find an MTA employee.”

Riders on the platform turned their heads as the train bore down on the man, Cecil Williams, 60, and his black Labrador retriever, Orlando, 11. “I was in horror,” Gutierrez said. “I screamed. Everyone in the station screamed.”

But after a few moments, someone yelled with amazement and joy.

“He’s fine! He’s alive,” someone yelled, Gutierrez said.

 Williams suffered cuts and bruises. He was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital along with Orlando.

“The dog looked like he had little or no injuries,” Gutierrez said.

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The brush with death happened about 9:30 a.m. on the northbound tracks. Gutierrez was on the southbound platform across from Williams.

Authorities said the motorman saw the duo on the tracks in front of him and activated the emergency brakes to slow the train. About two cars passed over the man, witnesses said.

An MTA worker on the platform urged Williams to stay calm and not move as he was close to the electrified third rail, Gutierrez said.

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wow! What a relief!  For more information on this incident, click here.


Source: NY Daily News