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Mexican Cartel Takes To Social Media Sites To Expose Gruesome Victim Photos [Photo]

imageprocessorA selfie from a Knights Templar member who goes by the name ‘ Broly’ and boasts online that he is an assassin. The image catches a kidnap victim blindfolded in the back seat who is later killed.

Wow! Apparently this Mexican Cartel is proud about their sh*t!

The brazen brutality of Mexican cartels knows no limits. Now their bloody handiwork is up on social media for the entire Internet to see.

Cartel thugs, including one who proudly identifies himself as an assassin, have become increasingly savvy in the social media universe: posting photographs and videos of themselves decapitating victims with chainsaws and machetes; wielding gold-plated assault weapons; pouting in sexy poses; showing off tricked-out vehicles; and warning civilians not to snitch on them to authorities.

One of the most blatant is a Knights Templar cartel member who calls himself “Broly” and posts photo after photo of himself in sexually suggestive poses, as well as images in which he brandishes handguns and assault weapons.

imageprocessor (2)The same blindfolded and bound man, now dead, and another victim are dumped on the side of the road. These men were road workers kidnapped and killed by Knights Templar members as warnings to a rival cartel, a source tells The News.

In one so-called selfie, taken inside a vehicle and obtained by the Daily News, he captures a kidnap victim who is blindfolded and stuffed in the back seat.

In another photo obtained by The News, the kidnap victim’s body — along with the remains of another man — are later seen on the side of a road in Michoacan, where the Knights Templar organized crime syndicate controls virtually that entire central Mexican state.


imageprocessor (1)This screengrab is from the opening sequence of a video on Facebook, which declined to remove it last month but then relented. The horrifying footage shows a Mexican woman being beheaded by a self-proclaimed member of the Los Zetas cartel.

The cartels also use social media to track their detractors and to monitor the activities of armed militias.


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Source: NY Daily News