Posted December 13, 2013 by Luis Mercado in ThatsEnuff

R. Kelly Finds Out ‘When A Woman’s Fed Up’

R.Kelly “Radio Message”

Doesn’t look like R. Kelly will be enjoying the success of Black Panties too much.

According to reports he is behind on his child support by about $114,900. This is the child he has with the star of VH1’s reality show Hollywood Exes Andrea Kelly where they have three children in a 13 year marriage.

Virginia M. Rucinski, president of the Custodial Support Foundation and Project Child Support initiative put out a statement on the investigation.

“We will provide Mrs. Kelly’s attorney with the terms and conditions we provided in other cases where the Court granted enforcement orders to enable the collection of arrears for our clients.”

Let’s see what the outcome becomes with this latest battle for the Pied Piper. He should’ve used his own advice when he taught us what happens when a women’s fed up.