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Oprah Winfrey Tell’s Hollywood Reporter ‘If I Had Kids, My Kids Would Hate Me’ [Photo]


After landing the cover of Hollywood Reporter’s annual ‘Women in Entertainment Power 100 issue’ the TV mogul explains to readers how she has no regret in not starting a family.

If I had kids, my kids would hate me. hey would have ended up on the equivalent of the ‘Oprah’ show talking about me; because something [in my life] would have had to suffer and it would’ve probably been them.

The way Oprah explains it, in comparison to her best friend, Gayle King, she doesn’t quite have the same instincts as her.

Gayle was the kind of kid who, in seventh grade home ec class, was writing down her name and the names of her children. While she was having those kind of daydreams, I was having daydreams about how I could be Martin Luther King.

The 59-year-old Mississippi native who currently has her hands full running her own TV network, Book Club, Magazine, non-profits and a number of other things has hardly ever had time to think about settling down and starting a family let alone fully contemplate marriage (her and Stedman been engaged since 1992).

However, although she may not have any biological offsprings of her own Oprah instantly still plays the mother figure if realizes it or not. She still takes time out of her busy schedule to teach a few classes at her all girls school in South Africa and even visits the girls who’ve gone on to colleges in the U.S. along side answering emails from them daily.

I’m responding to everything from ‘I’m feeling lost’ to ‘I need advice about a boy’.

Well one thing’s for sure Oprah is definitely changing the world.


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