Posted December 12, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Floyd Mayweather Hints At Pacquiao Or Khan As Next Challenger [Video]


Floyd Mayweather is looking into the future with his May 3rd fight against the opponent of his future, and he may have hinted at who it could be.

In an interview with Chris Robinson, Mayweather spoke about Manny Pacquiao’s weak pay-per-view numbers against Brandon Rios on November 23.

Although it was an impressive unanimous victory, Rios had no chance against the fighter. It generated roughly $30 million of revenue for PPV.

Yet it was the acknowledgment that the super fight might happen that has people buzzing in boxing circles.

“My focus is May 3rd, I don’t know who my next opponent may be. If it’s Pacquiao it’s Pacquiao, if it’s Amir Khan it’s Amir Khan. I mean, for 17 years they have been putting guys in front of me and I’ve been beating them, so come May they’ll put a guy in front of me, I’ll go to training camp work hard, and the results will be the same.”

Amir Khan has not fought since April after winning against Julio Diaz. He is also heavenly rumored to be the next opponent for Mayweather.

Check out a piece of the interview below.