Posted December 12, 2013 by Unique in Style and Fashion

Erykah Badu Becomes The New Face Of Givenchy [Photo]


It’s no secret that there’s a lack of nubian models in the world of High Fashion let alone running their add campaigns. Even though the fashion world has noticeable used more black models on the the runway this season the issues still remains the same. So when creative director Riccardo Tisci made neo-soul songstress Erykah Badu the face of Givenchy’s Mert & Marcus-shot spring 2014 campaign the world can’t help but notice. Tisci tells style:


Erykah, she’s an icon—come on!” Tisci said by phone from Paris. “What I want to do with my advertising campaign is spread the love. Already now it’s been three seasons that I’ve been using people that express something—they are great artists, or beautiful women, or stylish women, or models that I really believe in. It’s kind of a family portfolio […] She’s one of the most stylish women I’ve met in my life. She’s got such a good sense of proportion, of colors.

The new Givenchy spring collection is a fusion of African and Japanese influences describing the line as ” car crash of the two cultures—the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa”. What makes the campaign even more unique is that all of its female models are women of color.

For me, I grew up in a family and I grew up in a culture, an education, that we all are the same […] It’s 2013. Everybody’s being so cool about Instagram, about Facebook, any media—everybody’s being so open. At the end of the day, why are not so many black girls or Latin girls in shows? When you have an American president who is black! When I see this happening, it’s quite sad, I think. People can be so avant-garde, so advanced, but actually not, because people are still making differences between skin color

Shout out to Riccardo Tisci! Check out photo’s from the campaign below; you can read the full story over on Style.com.