Posted December 11, 2013 by Unique in News

New Report Believes Only 4 Shooters At Kenyan Mall Incident And All Might Have Escaped


In a new NYPD report made public on Tuesday, officials believe the September 21 attack on a Kenyan mall may have only been orchestrated by only four shooters. After a two-day siege, which ended with the death of more than 60 civilians and six soldiers, Kenyan authorities reported they had cleared the mall and killed four attackers.

NBC News reports:

At a Manhattan press conference Tuesday morning, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said investigators didn’t know “with certainty” how many people were involved, “but we believe there were only four shooters.”

The NYPD report also said the attackers carried only light weapons, and that there is no evidence any of them tried to take hostages or remained in the mall after 12:15 a.m. on Sept. 22. It also said the female British jihadi known as the “White Widow” was probably never in the mall, despite tabloid rumors, and that the Kenyan military looted the high-end shopping complex.

Lt. Detective Commander Kevin Yorke, who prepared and presented the report, also questioned the Kenyan authorities’ theory that the attackers died when explosions collapsed portions of the mall.

“As a cop, I’m very skeptical of claims until I see proof,” said Yorke, and added that there is “a lot of doubt in my mind it is true.”