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New Artist Spot Light: Chesley Krischelle ‘So High’


Check out New Artist Chesley Krischelle putting the spot light on her let me know what you think.
here is one of her songs called ‘So High’.

With every note she sings or lyric she writes Chesley Krishelle speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Taking a vow to stay true to herself, Chesley Krishelle understands that part of being a new artist isn’t just possessing talent but having something to say. Some may say that Chesley Krishelle has a style of her own; Care free, open minded, & outspoken.

For a lot of artists music is considered a hobby or a “way out”, but Krishelle considers music to be her therapy. Music gives her a chance to sit and observe life from another perspective. “I’m learning to sit still & be patient. I’m listening more and not reacting.” Chesley Krishelle is at a crucial point in her career, but she took a unique journey to get where she currently is.
The Song entitled “Weak” performed by the R&B group SWV was an influential song to spark Krishelle’s Talents. “The first time I heard that song was when I realized I knew how to sing.” Some artists that have influenced Krishelle are Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Aalliyah & Michael Jackson.

The year 2006 was the year the musical journey began for Chesley Krishelle. She met a fellow Chicago artist by the name of “Brain Hussla” who blessed her with her first studio session. This would be Krishelle’s first recording experience, but she knew that music was her calling and would only be the beginning of a long journey. She soon later joined a group by the name of “F.L.Y. Ent”, which consisted of all former high school class mates. Chesley stood out from the beginning as she was the only female artist in the group. During this time she gained great experience in the writing in recording process of creating music. Then in 2009 she had the birth of her first child, which caused her to take a 2 year hiatus from her music career.

In early 2011, Chesley regained her musical drive when she got the opportunity to start recording music with Chicago Disc Jockey “DJ Reese” & The Supreme Team, as well as multi platinum Producer “Doc Little”. In November of 2011, Krishelle made contact with local Chicago Producer “LawBeatz” via Twitter. He soon became her personal Producer/Engineer, and they began recording quality material from that point on.

One of Krishelle’s short-term goals is to receive her first major placement as a songwriter or as an artist. One of her long term goals is to take advantage of her resources and opportunities presented with being an artist and start a youth organization for underprivileged urban children.

As she continues to work on her first Project, yet to be titled, she faces many hurdles and tribulations, but also continues to be humble and keep her focus on the bigger picture and goals she looks to accomplish. “The Key to getting knocked down is getting back up. As long as you can pick yourself back up, that’s all that matters. Make the best out of a not so good situation. It may take a while to get it back together but just know that you will snap back better than ever.”

Determined not to be forced into a box, Chesley Krishelle wants her music to be accepted for what it is-Her Story