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Georgia Mother Charged With Felony After Starving Her Newborn Baby [Photo]


These child abuse incidents are so disturbing, just the thought of what an innocent child went through is beyond horrifying!!  NY Daily News reports; “Jamie Lynn Bentley, a 33-year-old mother of eight from Georgia has been arrested and charged with starving her newborn baby until he was nothing but skin and bones.

A Georgia mother of eight is charged with felony cruelty to children after she allegedly starved her six-week-old baby to the point that it lost 2 lbs. after birth. Jamie Lynn Bentley’s newborn son couldn’t be recognized as a baby after it was allegedly fed just two ounces of food every six hours in the first weeks after birth, according to a Douglas County attorney. By the time authorities discovered the newborn’s withering condition in Lithia Springs they say it was eating its own muscle mass to survive.

“It was skin and bones,” Kristi Wilson, with the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office, told the Douglas County Sentinel. “They couldn’t even recognize it was a baby in the pictures.” Wilson said the 33-year-old mom has faced allegations of drug use for some time and has had her other children removed from her custody before.

She said it was Bentley’s ability to pass a drug screen for meth that allowed her to leave the hospital after her baby’s delivery. But just six weeks after a Douglas Family and Children Services nurse visited Bentley’s home and weighed the baby, the child was rushed back to the hospital.

Bentley was initially allowed to stay at the hospital with her baby in an effort to help feed him, which allegedly didn’t last long.

“When they’d come and wake her up to feed the baby she told them she wasn’t feeding that baby every two hours, that drove her crazy and they need to get the (expletive) out of her room,” Wilson told the paper. “And so she was excused from the hospital, so they took other precautions to feed the baby.”

Bentley has reportedly argued claims that she wasn’t feeding her youngest son.

She allegedly told authorities that she had purchased $25 worth of baby formula and that half of it had been fed to her youngest. She also insisted that she was able to pass a drug test.

Hospital workers have argued that claim, saying it would be impossible for the baby to lose so much weight so fast.

Two weeks after the infant’s hospitalization they said it had returned to its original birth weight.

“The state is adamant that her bond should be denied. Certainly we feel she is a risk of reoffending,” said Wilson.

Douglas County Magistrate Court Judge Susan Camp shared in that decision on Friday.

“It looks like you really didn’t care anything about the baby and you were just doing what you wanted to do,” she told Bentley just before denying her bond. “You may have to take this thing to trial because it looks really bad.”

Bentley’s seven other children were removed from her custody as well, the Sentinel reports.”

Source: NY Daily News