Posted December 5, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Relive The Knicks vs Nets Rivalry [Video]



The New York Knicks and New York/New Jersey/Brooklyn have had a rivalry since the team moved to New Jersey shortly after joining the NBA from the aba.

Knicks believed they were invading their fan base in the New York area and were forced to pay $4.8 million just to move to the territory. That was on top of the $3.2 million entrance fee to enter the NBA.

Because of the amount of the expenses the Nets offered Julius Erving to the Knicks who refused the offer. He then got traded to the Philadelphia 76ers

Throughout the years the two teams rivalry has had some moments, but since its been a rarity that the two teams are good at the same time, it hasn’t sizzled to the point of a Heat/Knicks.

What are your favorite moments?