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Eminem Covers Complex’s December 2013/ January 2014 Issue [Photo]


Mr. Slim Shady himself stomps on this cover of Complex‘s Dec ’13/ Jan ’14 issue..literally!

“All I see is sissies in magazines smilin’,” Eminem rapped on the title track to The Marshall Mathers LP back in 2000. “What ever happened to whylin’ out and bein’ violent?” Thirteen years have passed since Em dropped the album that still stands as the greatest artistic achievement in his exceptional catalog. Coming on the heels of The Slim Shady LP, MMLP cemented Em’s spot in the pantheon of rap gods with mind-bending joints like “Stan,” “Kim,” and “The Real Slim Shady.” So it’s understandable that anticipation has been hot and heavy ever since this August’s announcement that his next album would be titled The Marshall Mathers LP 2. From what we’ve heard already, tomorrow’s release will be one of those rare moments in hip-hop where you definitely should believe the hype. 

To celebrate Eminem’s illest album in many moons, the Complex creative squad hopped on a plane to Detroit to collaborate with team Shady on an interactive digital cover that pays homage to the old-school rap mags we grew up on. The digital version of the feature story, featuring photography and videography by Daniel Hastings and an interview that could only have been conducted by Chief Content Officer Noah Callahan-Bever, makes full use of the latest multi-plane parallax scrolling technology. It also employs some good old-fashioned ass-whoopin’ technology. Let’s just say that Em apparently still enjoys “whylin’ out and bein’ violent” now and then. This issue was so special we couldn’t settle for just one cover, so we made two: There’s a crispy 2013 cover, featuring Complex’s fresh new logo as redesigned by creative director Brent Rollins, and a limited edition throwback cover that returns us to the essence of rap mags circa ’92. Use the crossfader above to decide which version you prefer. (And if you love the throwback, good luck—only 1000 copies of this cover will be printed.) Complex’s December/January issue won’t hit newsstands until later this month, but we know how much you hate to wait. So why not get it crackin’ right now?”

Check out the FULL cover story here.