Posted December 4, 2013 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

Frank Ocean’s Cousin Believes Chris Brown Gave Him A $3 Million Ass-Whupping


I swear Brezzy can’t catch a break. Almost a year after the brawl outside an LA recording studio Sha’Keir Duarte is reportedly filing a $3 million lawsuit against CB. Claiming that Brown’s bodyguard gravely injured him during the confrontation and even went as far as itemizing his list of damages with a hefty price tag to match in his court documents. Duarte apparently want Chris to pay him:

-$1,000,000 for pain, suffering and inconvenience

-$1,000,000 for emotional distress

-$1,000,000 for punitive damages

-plus, another $60K for medical expenses

Come on son.. like.. really though?

CB has also has filed a counter lawsuit against Duarte, accusing him of provoking the fight and attacking him with kicks and punches.