Posted December 4, 2013 by Tabby T in News

Bloomberg Defends ‘Stop And Kiss’ Program [Video]


What in the world????????! How ridiculous is this? What is the motive behind this ‘Stop And Kiss’ practice? Here’s what the Huffington Post reported on this; “On Tuesday, The Onion released a new “report” spoofing New York’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” laws, replacing the “Frisk” part with something equally invasive.

The spot-on parody features both police footage and tense debate on the subject, culminating in a quote from Commissioner Ray Kelly saying, “This is what post-9/11 police work looks like. Honestly, if we could kiss everyone in New York City, we would.”

That’s not as nice as it sounds.

Take a look at the clip and make sure to watch to the end for a laugh-out-loud teaser for the upcoming segment.”

Source: Huffington Post