Posted December 3, 2013 by Unique in News

Update: Metro-North Engineer Fell Asleep During Fatal Train Derailment

YE  NYC Train Derailment
DNAinfo New York recently reported that investigators believe William Rockefeller, the motorman at the controls in the deadly Metro-North Railroad derailment, may have fell asleep. Rockefeller, 46, has been an engineer for roughly 11 years and a Metro-North employee for 20 years, and until Sunday maintained a unblemished record.

According to  sources:

Rockefeller was jolted from his sleep and hit the brake, but not in time. The cars derailed, and several careened onto their sides before grinding to a halt on the edge of the Harlem River. Four people were killed, three of whom were thrown out of the cars, and more than 60 others were injured. (Huffington Post)

Sources also said:

He virtually admitted that he fell asleep as the train roared through a straight, 70 mph zone, heading toward one of the sharpest curves on the 75-mile trip that started at 5:54 a.m in Poughkeepsie, bound for New York City.

Rockefeller was among those released from the hospital Monday and has been thoroughly traumatized by the tragedy according to Union officials.

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