Posted December 2, 2013 by Tabby T in News

Survivors Share Horror Of Bronx Train Derailment; Victims Identified [Video]

Survivors of this tragic accident that occurred yesterday morning, had this to say about this horrifying experience.. “gravel came flying up in our faces.”  CNN reports; “Even though the train was careening around a curve, Amanda Swanson felt the wreck in slow motion. All seven passenger cars jumped the tracks. The windows of the coaches broke out. Then, “gravel came flying up in our faces,” said Swanson, 26. “I really didn’t know if I would survive,” she said. “The train felt like it was on its side and dragging for a long time.” Swanson, a waitress who was on her way to work at a Midtown Manhattan restaurant, put her bag in front of her face to block the rubble as the car she was riding in flipped over. “I just closed my eyes and kind of hoped to God that I was going to be able to call my mom with decent news.” Eventually, the car she was in came to a stop with a thud. “I couldn’t see anything. It was just smoke,” she told CNN’s “New Day.” As the dust settled, she saw fellow passengers staggering out of the train and heard them moaning for help. Swanson managed to get off the train carrying her cell phone, its screen shattered but still working.” The four victims who were pronounced dead are identified as, “The MTA identified those killed as Donna L. Smith, 54, of Newburgh, New York; James G. Lovell, 58, of Cold Spring, New York; James M. Ferrari, 59, of Montrose, New York; and Ahn Kisook, 35, of Queens, New York.”  
Source: CNN