Posted December 2, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Shots Fired! Erica Mena Calls Alicia Keys A Homewrecker



Love and Hip Hop star Erica Mena defends Amina Buddafly, Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz relationship.

In a recent interview with Juicy, Erica was finally able to clear her name now that Peter Gunz was in the hot seat jungling two women this season.

Erica went on to say that… all the shade Amina receives isn’t fair, since, in her mind, Alicia Keys “did the same thing” with Swizz Beatz while he was married to Mashonda, but no one “bashes” her for it. Here is what she had to say:

“You’re seeing a hypocrite at its best. This is the same guy that was anti-me and Rich and went real hard to prove his point that we shouldn’t be together and it’s sad that the same person that  was giving all this advice last year needs to taking his own just as much as anybody . Karma’s a b**ch and as you can see he’s deteriorating and his dirty feet aren’t getting far.”

Juicy then went on and asked  whether or not she was Team Amina or Team Tara, she went on to say:

“Peter needs Iyanla to save his life right now…I actually became an Amina fan when she pulled out that ID. Let’s not forget Alicia Keys did the same thing but no one bashes her. It’s not talked about because it’s all about how the story gets put out there, but it’s the same scenario. The only thing different is Alicia Keys really did know he was married.”


Messy.. Messy… Messy! SMH