Posted December 1, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

K Michelle RESPONDS To Fans Who Boo’d Her During DC After Party Appearance


Uh Oh! K. Michelle got some disgruntled fans!!

The singer was expected to perform at a Washington DC after party on Wednesday night, but supposedly she was getting paid enough.

According to sources, one of the event’s promoters “advertised” that singer would perform with a local go-go band which prompted K to “allegedly” tell the audience”

“Y’all didn’t pay me $30,000 to perform. get that b*&^% (referring to the female singer of the goo band to sing) to sing.”

The fans were very displeased and started to boo the K. Michelle. After the chorus of boos, fans voiced their feeling on social media. Here is what a fan had to say below:

Ur a clown for what u did last night at the HOward Theater last night. U should go back and take a class in Humbleness because God Don’t like ugly and ur fan base that u “had” all went out the window. u can never come back to DC and think ur gonna make some money. We stay clown free. U faking like u got all that money but u taking bottled putting them in ur purse leaving out the club go play Traffic and stay outta DC. Matter of fact go use some of that money we paid you last night and take some singing classes clown


K Michelle posted this on Instagram, “Numb to the pain. Everyday’s the same. If I only had a heart.”

There is always two sides to a story and we are sure all this… is one big misunderstanding.