Posted November 28, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

RHOA’s Kenya Moore Releases Apollo’s Texts [Photo]


And the drama continues!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star  Kenya Moore is tired of  her name being dragged in the mud by Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo.

For some that may not know, Apollo claimed on last week’s episode that she “want to f*&k”. Phaedra reacted quickly by making fun of Kenya’s fertility issues, calling them “scrambled eggs”.

Kenya Moore responded to Phaedra’s malicious words:

It’s obvious something happened in LA, but I was not there. Did Phaedra learn of another woman or why he was at a different hotel than he claimed to be? Clearly their marriage is in trouble, but I’m not the issue. I was the convenient fall guy for texting Apollo back. With that said, Phaedra continues to malign and attack me on every level including my fertility and age, yet, Phaedra is older than I am. Attacking her looks would be too easy for me, so I won’t stoop to her level. Why is my age or looks an issue for her? Further, what kind of woman who claims to be a Christian uses a woman’s fertility as an attack against another by referring to “scrambled eggs.” No Christian is cruel. These comments are an all-time low, consistent with a devil, not any Christian.

The real issue is Phaedra’s troubled marriage and what is Apollo really doing with other women and why he can’t keep his eyes ON her. I’m not the issue. If she really wants the truth from Apollo she should threaten to cut him from her payroll, I’m sure he’ll sing like a bird.

Kenya even revealed the photos of the text messages proving that Apollo was the intiator of their alleged affair.



Photo: TMZ