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Yankees Close To Landing Former Met Carlos Beltran

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According to a free agent outfielder who the Yankees have talked to, Beltran is going to be a Yankee. – nypost

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New Chapter. Talks have been going on for the last month now, and now it seems the Yankees and Beltran are close to making a deal?! The Yankees took the world by storm with the Core Four in the mid-90’s, as tons of bandwagon Yankee fans surfaced lol?! Now they are looking to get a fresh start with a reliable veteran (and former Met), Carlos Beltran. Beltran wants to be in NY, and the Yankees obviously want him; the only thing holding them back is the Yankees are looking for a two-year deal while Beltran is trying to cop three?! It has been said, the Yankees will offer a two-year deal with an option for the third year! Beltran, 37, helped the St. Louis Cardinals make it to the World Series just recently; making $13 Million last season! The only issue with Beltran for the Yankees is of course age and injury?!

Do you think that Beltran is too old to really make a difference on the Yankees?! Do you think the Yankees will make a contract with him? Please leave feedback below!