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LHHNY’s Yandy Smith Pens Open Letter To Media


Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith was once only known for her major moves in the music industry but now, the entrepreneur/manager/mommy has become the center of a lot of drama now that she’s living her personal life on national television for all to see. Yandy has had enough of all the rumors surrounding her family, especially her man, Mandeecees, and has penned an open letter to those who think they know, but have no idea.

She penned a lengthy letter to the media expressing her disappointment with these types of reports. Read below:


There are a few things I want to get off my chest today. I’ve been too busy to address a few rumors that have made their way to the blogs, but I feel it is necessary for me to address now. Certain blogs tend to report inaccurate information and pride themselves on having the “inside scoop” or latest “breaking news” when really they don’t. I’m disgusted because more often than not it’s pure propaganda, false tales, assumptions and pure buffoonery. I totally get it, some of your stories are for “entertainment purposes only and clicks”. However, how do you sleep at night knowing you are ruining lives, reputations and families over and over again?
I dare say, if we reversed the pen and wrote about you, including, all the lies you print how would you feel? Yes, we all have our situations and we all go through things, it’s called being human. However, some of us have enough truth that makes for good stories, so why lie? Why not confirm with the source before you print the defamation that so easily drips from your tongue? Most bloggers hide behind their computer screens with fake aliases and screen names. Is it because you’ve never had your own voice? Is it because your truth is too ugly to stand firm and proud of? Half the things you write about a person, if they were standing in front of you, you wouldn’t dare have the guts to say.

I’m most displeased with young black bloggers that are struggling and trying to build a career for themselves at the detriment of someone else’s livelihood, careers and family, that looks and struggles just like you. Haven’t we been put down enough? Why can’t we embrace one another? Haven’t we struggled so much to get where we are, and now you use your voice for this?!

She also called out some of the blogs:


Bossip, I’ve done many interviews for you and I can’t believe you created a story that was completely false, even down to the small details. What is most disappointing is that you know my number directly and didn’t call to verify. Don’t piece together puzzles that clearly don’t fit. There is no scandal or juicy story. People break up, people start new relationships, people have children, people get back together, so what?

Baller Alert…I don’t know anything about you ladies and I have never done an interview with or for you, but for some reason you constantly have my family as a target of your slander, degradation and lies. I’m not hard to find if you want to know some truth about me. One question…why don’t you write about the fact that I’m a woman that has done very well in this industry as an Entrepreneur in which I’m providing over 20 jobs for young people? I’m a successful manager, a successful creator and producer, a successful reality personality and I have an inspirational book coming hitting shelves soon for women like me and you. Not juicy enough to write about? Too much truth? Why can’t you write about me being a mom and a step mom that does a damn good job at being the best mom and stepmom I can be. Still, not juicy enough for you? Ladies, what’s your end goal in this industry? Seriously, what Fortune 500 company will endorse such trash you speak of and write? I’m appalled to know this company is ran by young black women.

And finally, Hollywood Street King- your titles or your articles frequent, “your favorite rapper is sleeping with his tranny lover” or “she has lost her children due to drug abuse” or most recently “he wants less time so he’s a rat”. How about the one recently directed at me, “I sign artists to my label and take all their publishing and royalties”…WHERE do you get your information from??!!! What proof do you have of any of the lies you tell that spread like wildfire? Do you know the people you speak about, do you have an inside track on what is done behind our closed doors? NO YOU DO NOT! Show paperwork, show pictures and prove it. You say things constantly that aren’t factual and pull it completely from your ass. It’s completely ridiculous. Just and FYI, Juelz and Vado are family to that man, he would die before he ever put any of their lives in danger or have them subjected to anything that would take them from their families. So, stop with the lies and fairy tales, which he thought was hilarious by the way…too bad I didn’t.

Now, to the believers and avid followers of these websites and all the others that bank on lies and misfortune of our people, please take it for what it is…”entertainment only“. These bloggers do not know us, they usually don’t have inside scoops or factual breaking news. It’s purely to generate income from the retention time you give them by staying on their sites and increasing their advertising dollars. Read their stories with a grain of salt and a side eye. If you want good reads that enlighten you, educate you, entertain you and are 100% factual, please visit www.Everythinggirlslove.com.


Baller Alert responded to Yandy’s letter:

I find it ridiculous that you took the time to target Bossip, Hollywood Street King and Us instead of addressing the people who send us supposed malicious stories about you. Fact is Yandy, we have written a TON of nice things about you. We talked about how beautiful your son is, your jewelry line and when you choose to dress nicely, we discuss your fashion. It’s unfortunate that you found yourself caught up with a loser but we use that as a cautionary tale that other young women can learn from. Don’t disregard the MANY nice things we say about you just because HIS TRASH keeps getting you dirty. Lay with dogs, get fleas, Granny said it best.

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