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12 Things Men Wear That Beautiful Women Love [Photo]

This is a very interesting fact guys! Just in case you were wondering about one of the IMPORTANT things what “beautiful women” are attracted to, its definitely a man’s wardrobe! Complex Mag reports; “Guys try to dress stylishly for a number of reasons. Maybe they’re trying to impress their friends. Maybe they’re trying to get street styled and manage their brand (lame). Maybe they are trying to express a specific aesthetic and philosophy. But there’s one absolute why guys try to dress well: Beautiful women.

Yes, it’s true. Beautiful women have a power over us, and that’s to make us emerge from our homes every day looking a certain type of way. Of course, every woman has her own personal tastes in what she likes seeing guys wear, but instead of listening to your friends, or strangers on the Internet, why not go straight to the source itself? Since you wonder this every single day, we asked 11 gorgeous ladies to tell us 12 Things Men Wear That Beautiful Women Love.”

nfdlh_cash_777267 Kitty Cash
Occupation: DJ
What She Loves: “Clean socks! It’s a plus if they are cute too…graphics, patterns, color, anything goes. I’m all about the details.”
579324_10152003386879367_532465372_nAlysha Nett
Occupation: Model and Buyer for MLTD
What She Loves: “I love seeing men in Timberland boots. A fresh wheat pair looks great during the day and black for night. Boots look like a little extra effort and tell me you’re street savvy.”
iqedl_ccmiller_777267Christina Miller
Occupation: Co-Designer of Rhude
What She Loves: “I love a guy in sick boots that are very rock star-esque, like these boots by Saint Laurent.”
gbvkt_rhoxy_777267Rhoxy Villasenor
Occupation: Founder and Designer of Rhod
What She Loves: “I love men that dress like men. I love when men understand tailoring, fit, and proportion; a man who dresses well and takes care of himself. A black well tailored suit is every man’s wardrobe staple. A killer pair of Chelsea boots, nice slim fit jeans, with knitwear or a shirt partnered with a jacket is simple yet classy. Less is more.”
noeek_samd_777267Samantha Duenas
Occupation: DJ
What She Loves: “Simplicity and good fit brings out a guy’s natural handsomeness and good hygiene, I find it very sexy. So I like to see guys opt for classic subtlety instead of the large logos and loud prints. I’m a sucker for a well-fitting plain white tee.”
ljwqo_annt_777267Anna Trevelyan
Occupation: Fashion Stylist
What She Loves: “It depends on the man. As long as he has a very strong personal style I’m into it, but I’m always gonna love a guy suited and booted in a slick suit but with fucked up old army boots.”
yzhqp_adrianne_777267Adrianne Ho
Occupation: Model and Founder of Sweat The Style
What She Loves: “Visvim FBT’s are great because they reinvent a classic for the future. A great investment since they look better as they age.”
aozqf_shiona_777267Shiona Turini
Occupation: Fashion Market Director at Cosmopolitan
What She Loves: “There’s nothing I love more than to see a guy in a perfect white T-shirt, well cut jeans (not too baggy, not too tight and definitely not boot cut), with a pair of Jordans. There’s something so classic, manly and sexy about that very basic combination. Let ME worry about the fashionable outfits.”
fmhno_kilokish_777267Kilo Kish
Occupation: Musician
What She Loves: “Deodorant”
lqyih_deidre_777267Deidre Dyer
Occupation: Associate Style Editor at The Fader
What She Loves: “Though they’ve become super trendy right now, the number one thing I love to see a guy in is a crisp pair of Classic Wheat Construction Timberlands. From hood boys to super #menswear dudes, every guy looks great in a pair of loosely tied Timbs.”
Occupation: Model and Musician
What She Loves: “I really love a good sock and shoe combo. I hate flip flops or just a bulky workout sneaker so much. I love vans or a nice pair of oxfords and I think it shows a good sign of character when there’s a nice sock that goes with it. I love the little details and efforts a guy can put into his outfit.”
ucqps_reform_777267Brianna Lance
Occupation: Head Designer of Reformation
What She Loves: “Beat up motorcycle jackets are definitely a woman’s kryptonite. Think of all the babes that have sported them over the years from Elvis Presley to Sid Vicious. I know it’s only rock and roll but babes really like it.”

Well there you have it! Ladies do you agree??? & guys, what are your thoughts on this fashionable survey? Drop your comments below!

Source: Complex Magazine