Posted November 25, 2013 by Global Vito in Music

Nyck Caution x Danse ‘The End’ [Video]

Nyck Caution x Danse Dimes- “THE END” (Produced by Chi BHeats) from BKLYNSTICKUP on Vimeo.

After setting the internet into a frenzy with the spontaneous release of their track “THE END” Danse (BKLYN STICKUP) and Nyck (Pro Era) felt it was only right that some visuals be put out.
Make sure you follow Pro Era’s own Nyck Caution (@NyckCaution) and BKLYN STICKUP front man, Danse (@BKLYNSTICKUP). And don’t forget the man behind the BHEAT! @ChiBHeats! #GoingGlobal