Posted November 22, 2013 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Xbox One Launch Guide


Xbox-One-retail-600x481The Microsoft Xbox One is here, if you were planning to get one soon or are already yelling “Xbox show my stuff” at your TV cause you got one at midnight then there are some things you’ll want to take note of to help prepare you and take full advantage of the next generation of entertainment.

Pre- Order or Microsoft.com

Unlike the PS4 Microsoft.com has still been taking pre-orders and promising Day One edition consoles to buyers. So though a lot of retail locations have exhausted their stock, you can probably get yourself a console by going straight to the source. There’s no telling however how long that’ll be the case so if you really want one now and haven’t pre-ordered then you should give them a call.

It Won’t Stand for This

One of best things about the Xbox 360 was that you could either place it horizontally or stand it up vertically, this allowed it to fit in certain places where laying it down would not have fit or you’d be reduced to stacking it on top of other things. The Xbox One wants to take over your living room, not only is it bigger in size than the 360 but it can only be placed horizontally which means if your original setup had a standing 360 your Xbox One isn’t going to fit, so make sure you’ve created the necessary space beforehand or you’ll be fiddling with the wires and orientation of your cable box and DVD players when all you want to do is get your console up and running.

Day 1 Patch

Just like the PS4 Microsoft will be releasing a patch for the Xbox One on launch day so as soon as it’s powered on it will need to update. This patch is a result of the many reversals the company made in response to consumer backlash against things like DRM and always online connectivity in order to play single player games. Without it you essentially have the Xbox One Microsoft originally wanted to give you, but ironically that version doesn’t work unless you’re online, and once you get online you’ll get the patch that allows it to work offline, so it’s a paradox that cancels itself out.

Xbox Live is a Gate

If you’re new to Xbox and are unfamiliar with Xbox Live, it differs from the PlayStation Network, in that almost all services and applications like Netflix, Hulu, etc. are not accessible unless you have an Xbox Live subscription. This is the case regardless of whether you have subscriptions to those other services. In essence to take full advantage of the Xbox One you need Xbox Live which is about $60 a year. Sony’s PSN is only $50 a year but in overall quality and services Xbox Live has been the much better online service. We’ll have to wait and see how they match up going forward as a lot of new features and changes have come to both.

Microsoft out of the gate seems to have a better looking list of exclusive games, as well as a highly anticipated exclusive title “Titanfall” coming early next year for the original creators of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise. Check out what you’ll be able to play this month on the November Game Release Calendar and welcome to the next generation.