Posted November 20, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Alex Rodriguez Storms Out Of Arbitration Hearing



Alex Rodriguez left in the middle of his arbitration hearing today, putting in question the future of the proceedings and the possibility that his suspension will stick.

The Yankees third baseman stormed out the meeting after learning that Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig will not be present to testify against Rodriguez.

According to ESPN,

“Rodriguez slammed his hand on a table at Major League Baseball’s Manhattan Park Avenue offices and cursed at MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred.”

“This is ridiculous!” Rodriguez is said to have shouted after Horowitz issued his ruling shortly before noon.

Rodriguez then pointed a finger at Manfred, who directed MLB’s investigation into the since-shuttered Biogenesis clinic suspected of being a source of illegal performance-enhancing drugs for ballplayers, and said “This is f—ing bulls—!”

A-Rod had released a statement shortly after storming out, saying,

“I am disgusted with this abusive process, designed to ensure that the player fails,” the statement said. “I have sat through 10 days of testimony by felons and liars, sitting quietly through every minute, trying to respect the league and the process. This morning, after Bud Selig refused to come in and testify about his rationale for the unprecedented and totally baseless punishment he hit me with, the arbitrator selected by MLB and the players’ association refused to order Selig to come in and face me.”

No word on the future of the proceedings. Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games for his role in the Biogenesis anti-aging clinic which provided performance enhancing drugs to players.