Posted November 19, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Is This The Worst Call Of The Year? [Video]


For New England Patriots fans, last night was set up for another dream finish from future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Here is the last drive of the game. With Brady controlling the ball down 24-20, and less than a minute to go until the end of the game. They started the drive at their own 20 yard line after Carolina scored a touchdown on a hitch pass to Ted Ginn JR.

Brady like Brady does, just started throwing clutch passes, going from the 20 to the 43, to the 46, to the Carolina 36, to the 25, a short pass with six seconds left, and then the controversial last play

The last play saw at least two or three Carolina players grabbing tight end Rob Gronkowski, not allowing him to return to the ball as it gets intercepted in the end zone. A referee threw a flag immediately after the interception. The referee’s talked it over, he picked it up, and they walked away as Tom Brdy argued and cursed at the zebra’s as they walked into the tunnel without any explanation to either team, the crowd, or the people watching TV.

If the call would have stuck, Brady would have been at the one yard line with zero seconds on the clock and a chance to win the game.

Take a look at the video of the play below, and coach Belichick’s awkward press conferences afterwards.